Case Studies

Real stories from homeowners across the country.

Calvetta Williams

Des Moines, Iowa

Calvetta Williams, a 41-year old single mother of three, found out that she had a leak in her water service line just three months after moving into her home in Des Moines, Iowa. The leak was discovered by the local water company, Des Moines Water Works, who sent a crew to the neighborhood to check the water connections before the city began curb work. The water line had a break between the street and the meter at Williams' house, and was pouring water into the ground.

Ms. Williams, who owns an in-home child care business for several families in the community, was unprepared to pay thousands of dollars to fix the leak. In April 2013, she was presented with a $6,700 bill for the repairs, followed by a threat from the city that the leak needed to be fixed by May 6 or the water to her home and business would be shut off.

Water service line repairs in the Des Moines area cost between $3,000-8,000, according to Des Moines Water Works. HomeServe provides home emergency repair contracts that cost as little as $4 per month and cover water and sewer line breaks. The company learned of Ms. Williams' situation via a story in the local newspaper. Wanting to give back to the woman who has done so much for her local community, HomeServe offered to 

Watch the video above to see her story.