Nothern Blair Sewer authority gets $1milion grant for repairs

1/12/2013 | Tipton, Pennsylvania

TIPTON - Two years ago, suspicions regarding the state of the sewer system prompted Northern Blair County Regional Sewer Authority officials to conduct a study.The study found significant portions of underground piping had collapsed, contained large voids or were cracked and separated. More than 97 percent of the piping was deemed as needing repair.Tom Halloran, water and energy project manager for Herbert, Rowland & Grubic Inc. said many of the pipes simply had reached the end of their life and carried a price tag of $3.4 million to replace.

Sewer authority members now can breathe easier: Officials revealed Friday that they will receive a $1 million grant for infrastructure repairs and upgrades in Tipton and parts of surrounding Antis Township.Sewer authority Chairman Leo Matuszewski said the area is "in dire need of refurbishment and repair" and the grant will play a significant role in keeping costs under control."I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you, thank you, thank you," he said.

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Engineer: Keyport sewer system 'falling apart'

6/27/2013 | Keyport, New Jersey

Following five sewerrelated infrastructure failures in the last four months, borough officials are pursuing federal funding to finance a major overhaul of Keyport’s 110-year-old system. Contractors are already at work on a comprehensive project designed to retrofit the borough’s existing clay sewer lines, but more work will be needed to prevent the kind of emergency repairs that have cost the borough more than $94,000 since spring began.“We have been doing as-needed repairs by our own people, but we have progressed to the point now where we need to invest in our infrastructure,” Business Administrator Lorene Wright said at the Borough Council’s June 11 meeting. On June 18, the council authorized a number of five-figure payouts for the emergency repair or replacement of three damaged sewer lines, a sinkhole and a surcharged manhole, spanning from March 22 through June 3.Another sewer line at Oak Street and Spring Street failed on June 16.

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Massive water main break! - Drivers panic but see the Rescue

12/24/2008 | Bethesda, Maryland

Bethesda, Maryland - Nine motorists who had to be rescued after a ruptured Huge water main transformed a suburban Washington road into a treacherous whitewater river. The street name is River Road...And the reporter (Clark) reminds me of William Shatner (CPT KIRK,of Star Trek) LOL

Source Text: CTV News A massive, aging water main ruptured Tuesday, transforming a suburban Washington road into a raging river and exemplifying the crumbling infastructure Barack Obama hopes to mend.

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Sinkhole swallows car after water main break burst

7/07/2007 | Greensboro, North Carolina

A large sinkhole from a water main break swallowed a car early yesterday morning.The road will be closed through at least Saturday as crews work to reopen the road to traffic.Officials gradually reduced the closure since the sinkhole first opened up near Hill Street about 2:30 a.m.

The car had slowly continued to sink all morning and by the time a crane arrived to pull the car out at 8:30 a.m., the area was developing a show-like atmosphere.Nearby residents came out to watch. And as the car was lifted by the crane, a city worker jokingly shouted, "Hey, don't scratch the car!"

A black two-door Honda Accord was traveling eastbound when it hit a hole with its left tire. The occupants were able to safely leave the car, he said.
As officials arrived at the scene, the hole grew over an hour to 15 feet deep, swallowing the car.The sink hole is 15 feet wide by 24 feet and covers two of West Wendover Avenue's eastbound lanes.

Charlie Vance, who lives in a home across from the sinkhole, said a woman driving another car first hit the hole and landed in the median. The Honda Accord, with three occupants, was traveling behind the first car and was unable to avoid the hole.

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Basement Sewage flood

5/01/2011 | NYC, New York

On February 28, 2011 this is what the finished basement of our 4 year old house looked like. We took on 18" of sewage coming up from our toilet and floor drain (to which we had attached a standing pipe by the city's advice). At this point we are receiving no help from city utilities and are wanting to share our story.

My goal in sharing this is partially to get help from the powers that be by spreading the word of our situation around but also to help people understand that this type of situation MAY NOT be covered by your homeowner's insurance as it falls under sewage backup protection, NOT flood insurance (which you can only get if you live in a zone 'Flood Zone').Be sure to know there's a difference and be sure you're covered! Other video at.

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Milwaukee Sewage Backup into basement

7/27/2010 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sewage has backed up into my basement for the past 3 years in a row, as well as many other times in the past. It comes through the floor drain, as well when the pressure is high enough it comes up the sink. The city has done little to fix this problem for us.

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Water Main Break Leaves Anna Residents Without Water

6/27/2013 | Anna, Texas

ANNA (CBSDFW.COM) – City crews in Anna worked overnight to repair a water main break and restore water service to its 9,500 residents.The water has been off since Wednesday around 5:15 p.m, when a crew contracted by the city broke a water line at west White Street and South Powell Parkway. The water line was to be moved to make room for a road expansion project.

The city hopes to complete the repair on Thursday morning. Once water service resumes, a water boil order will be in place until further notice.The city manager says it’ll take as long as 48 hours to get full pressure back for everyone.Officials have been distributing bottled water to residents since Wednesday evening.

The water main break is the third such break this week in north Texas. On Tuesday night, a hole in a water main sent a high pressure geyser rocketing toward a Fort Worth home. A similar incident damaged several homes in northwest Dallas on Monday.

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Ballpark sinkhole cancels batting practice in texas

6/12/2013 | Arlington, Texas

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — There was a sinking feeling behind the pitcher's mound at Rangers Ballpark.

A busted pipe under the infield at Rangers Ballpark created a sinkhole right behind the mound. On-field batting practice Tuesday for both the Texas Rangers and Cleveland Indians was canceled so the grounds crew could fix the problem.Workers had to dig more than 3 feet deep to try to fix the pipe under the field that is used to water the infield. One of the workers could only been seen from the waist up after getting down into the hole.About an hour before the game was scheduled to start, the repair was complete and the grass behind the mound had been put back in place. Workers even used a hose hooked to the repaired pipe to water the infield grass and dirt.

While the Indians entered the game with an eight-game losing streak, and 12 losses in a row on the road, Cleveland manager Terry Francona said there were no Bull Durham-like shenanigans by his team trying to get a day off."I didn't do it," Francona said with a chuckle about the reference to a scene in the Kevin Costner baseball movie. "We're not there yet. We're frustrated, but we're not there."About three hours before the game, as usual before a home game, Rangers players went on the field for stretching and batting practice. But after stretching in the outfield as normal, they went back inside to take their pregame swings in an indoor cage.

The Indians would win the game 5-2.Two weeks ago, a game between Arizona and Texas at Rangers Ballpark was postponed because of unplayable field conditions.The infield that night was soaked during a severe thunderstorm about an hour before that scheduled start while the grounds crew struggled to get the tarp on the field.Though the rain stopped shortly after that and more than an hour of work was put into preparing the field, that game was postponed after officials from both teams determined the dirt basepaths were too soft to play the game safely.Arizona and Texas played the next afternoon, after the grounds crew worked into the wee hours of the night.

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Burst main floods Los Angeles

11/03/2009 | Los Angeles, California

A burst main in Los Angeles has sent water shooting meters into the air.

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Old Water Pipes, New Developmentā€¦Big Problem

4/04/2013 | Hoboken, New Jersey

A string of water main breaks in Hoboken last week is causing the city to take a closer look at its aging drinking water system.The city has had to repair anywhere from 12 to 37 water mains each year. In 2012, the city had to repair 21 water mains.Hoboken City Council member Ravinder Bhalla says old pipes and an uptick in new developments may be to blame for the four back-to-back water-related problems over the course of just three days.“Heavy trucks, heavy construction really takes a toll on the roads, the sewer lines, the water lines,” Bhalla said. “And that confluence appears to cause water main breaks from time to time.”Last week’s water main breaks flooded basements, submerged a car and left much of the city without water. Then the city was under a boil water advisory until it was determined safe to drink again.

Whether construction workers puncture a water main or a pipe deteriorates underground, Hoboken residents say water-related issues are all too common for the small city of just a single square mile.Susan Fallo is one of the city’s 50,000 residents. She’s lived in Hoboken her entire life and says she’s used to seeing open asphalt and the sound of repairs being made.“They just keep building and building and building and I don't know how much this city can take,” Fallo said. “We were swamp land at one time and they just keep putting more condos and more condos and I’m afraid we’re going to sink.”Mayor Dawn Zimmer has been looking into the city’s water infrastructure, but Councilman Bhalla says Hoboken needs to investigate more quickly.“Incidents like these water main breaks might be clearing calls to help us re-think how much development is too much development,” Bhalla said.

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Creeks, heavy rain, aging - a strain for Charlotte's water pipes

6/13/2013 | Charlotte, North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Engineers with Charlotte’s Storm Water Services say they might never know exactly what caused a storm drainage pipe to break Monday morning, causing a sinkhole that closed a portion of Providence Road for much of the day.But they say drainage problems are one result of building a large city atop 34 named creeks and about 3,000 miles of waterways. Adding unusually heavy rain over a one-week period means trouble.And, the engineers said, all utilities eventually age, and local government is forced to try to stay ahead of the aging process.“Almost anything could have caused that pipe to break,” Jennifer Frost, a public information officer with Charlotte Storm Water Services, said Wednesday. “Obviously, water under the surface moved soil, and the asphalt caved in.”Monday’s break occurred in a pipe designed to drain storm water. That made it different from other recent Charlotte cases where a broken pipe – carrying water or sewage – caused a sinkhole.

What made it similar was that it involved a pipe in an older part of Charlotte. In recent years, Park Road, Queens Road and Runnymede Lane, among others, have been closed when pipes ruptured and the road gave way.Frost says the city’s capital budget provides money for pipes to be replaced.“Typically, these projects can take five to seven years and involve millions of dollars,” she said. “That differs from what we call the maintenance cases, which involve one to three homeowners and take a few weeks to a few months to finish.”City budgets show that many pipe replacement projects in recent years were in Dilworth and Myers Park, two of Charlotte’s older areas. Now the work is moving out to areas like Cotswold and Lincoln Heights.“Everything has a life span,” Frost said. “We’re in a constant state of maintenance.”But part of the problem with broken pipes and sinkholes might be due to geology and meteorology, officials add.

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91-Year Old water Main Bursts on Chicago's Southside Demonstrating the Need to Invest in the City's Water Infrastructure

10/15/2011 | Chicago, Illinois

A 91-year old water main near W. 47th Street and S. Loomis Boulevard in Chicago's Back of the Yard neighborhood burst early Saturday morning, closing streets and alleys and flooding nearby basements.“We need to invest in our infrastructure to maintain the quality of life for people across the city, protect our homes from flooding and our cars from sinkholes,” said Mayor Emanuel. “If we don’t invest and proactively make upgrades to our system, we will continually be forced to react and make emergency repairs at a greater cost to everyone.”

Earlier today, Mayor Emanuel visited the site of the broken water main at W. 47th Street and S. Loomis Boulevard and spoke with repair crews about working as quickly as possible to lessen the impact on residents and businesses."We need to invest in our aging infrastructure to ensure we can safely and efficiently deliver water to our 5.3 million customers in the region,” said Commissioner Powers during his visit to the broken water main site. “The water main here at 47th and Loomis is close to 100 years old, and was obviously a break waiting to happen. This underscores the urgency of renewing our infrastructure. The cost of waiting is being paid today by closed businesses and flooded neighbors.”

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Sewer Line Break Causes Major Stink for Montgomery Neighborhood

5/17/2013 | Montgomery, Alabama

Residents in one montgomery neighborhood are literally breathing a little easier tonight after backed up sewage water was causing quite a stink.Neighbors called Alabama News Network to help them find some answers.It's a situation no one wants to be in-- 200 gallons of backed up sewage water in your own back yard."I didn't know where that smell was coming from. Certain times of day or night in the summertime it smells horrible out here," said neighbor Barbara Brown.Brown lives down the street on Oakleigh Road.She says the storm ditch has been a problem off and on for years.

But this time it was the worst she has smelled or seen."But what happened in this situation, it got into a storm ditch. Down stream of it people have been cutting down timber and have the ditch backed up. People have been throwing trash in this ditch and you had an accumulation of algae and bacteria and whatever else downthere,"saidMontgomery Water Works General Manager Buddy Morgan.Then add the rising temperatures and theodorfillstheneighborhood.But Morgan says there is a solution that could help prevent the problem in the first place."One of the main things people can do is don't dump grease down your drain at your house.

This is what's created the problem here," said Morgan.But Morgan says the sewage water will be pumped out and contained. And for that, Brown is grateful. "I'm so glad. Oh, yes I am glad. Cause we would have had a mess out here," said Brown.Morgan says there are 14 hundred miles of sewer main in the city and it takes everyone working together to help keep them running properly.The Water Works Board is working with ADEM to solve the problem by the end of Friday evening.

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Water line breaks flooding streets in Northeast Dallas

7/01/2013 | Dallas, Texas

DALLAS - It could take several days to determine what caused a massive pipeline to break Monday morning, according to Randall Payton, the assistant director of the Dallas Water Utilities. Reported at about 4:14 a.m., the rupture sent thousands of gallons of water flooding into nearby streets and left two vehicles submerged in several feet of water. Crews were able to stop the leaking water at about 6:30 a.m. The line, which is 84 inches in diameter, broke near W. Lawther and White Rock roads around the southern edge of White Rock Lake.

Crews were able to stop isolate the damaged area of the line at about 6:30 a.m. The City of Dallas said the 2800 block of White Rock Rd. will be closed between Winstead Dr. and W. Lawther Dr. for one to two days as crews work to repair the damaged line. City officials said the broken line runs from Samuell Blvd. and Jim Miller Rd. in Dallas down to Belt Line Rd. in Addison.

Randall Payton, the city's assistant director of water operations, said residents shouldn't face any service interruptions as there are other pipelines and reservoirs within the system. The assistant director said the line is 30 years old, which is relatively new compared to other lines that are up to 100 years old. Back in 2001, the same main broke off Northwest Highway.

Crews are working to determine the cause of the recent break. The City of Dallas maintains 4,922 miles of pipeline and crews make 1,800 repairs every year

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